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 Poppy Teapot Beads

Anna will soon offering a range of knitting beads for your hand knit and crochet projects. A colourful and attractive variety

of beads will be available on the website from November 2014. Beads are useful for lace-weight, 4 ply and double

knitting yarns.

  Conditions of Sale:

Beads will be sold in packets of 500 in an array of colours that you can use to enhance all your knitting or crochet projects

Size 8:  For 8-ply (Double Knitting) yarns. They are approximately 4mm in diameter.

Size 6: For 4-ply knitting & lace weight yarns. They are approximately 3mm in diameter.

Photos of beads available will be placed on the website along with colour options and price per packet.

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